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#time4estonia PUU

In this week’s #time4estonia we got acquainted with Estonian woods and were mushrooming in the forest, so now it’s time to discuss the trees.
PUU ([po:] tree)

Did you know that the most popular surnames in Estonia are two types of trees: Tamm (oak) and Saar (ash tree)?
There are plenty of other kinds in our forested land, like Kuusk (fir tree), Mänd (pine tree), Pärn (linden), Kask (birch) and families of Fox, Bear and Wolf blending in nicely.

Trees can also be found in band names, their songs and videos. Duo Puuluup has it all.
The frontmen of Puuluup are behind the revival of the Estonian traditional instrument taliharpa, a bowed harp with horsehair strings that was played on western Estonian islands until the beginning of the 20th century. Puuluup’s refreshing approach to traditional music identified as neozombipostfolk has brought much playfulness, joy and special humour to Estonian music scene.

Regardless the many languages used in Puuluup’s new video ’Käpapuu’, it needs no translation.

More about Puuluup https://www.puuluup.ee/en/

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