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Police Clearance Certificate

The Police clearance certificate/Certificate of good conduct is issued by the Estonian Records Database:


In case you have an ID-card (with pin-codes and an ID-card reader) it is possible to apply for it online: www.e-toimik.ee.

It is also possible to apply for it by post or e-mail. An application form (37.6 KB, DOCX) has to be sent to the following e-mail info@karistusregister.ee or by post Karistusregister, Lubja 4, 19081 Tallinn, Estonia.

The certificate is in Estonian language and in case you order it yourself it will be issued for free.

You can apply for a consul’s statement in English from the Embassy by post. In order to do so please send us your original certificate of good conduct (in Estonian), copy of your passport or ID-card and the state fee. The state fee has to be paid by Postal Order (cheque from a post office; payable to: Estonian Embassy).