Power of Attorney

In the United Kingdom a power of attorney can be obtained through a notary public.

To use the UK-issued power of attorney in Estonia, an apostille has to be attached to the document by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Please check with your notary in Estonia whether the power of attorney is accepted in English or a translation is required.

At the Estonian Embassy in London remote authentication can be used for carrying out transactions with shares of a private limited company, authenticating powers of attorney, submitting applications for marriage and divorce and applications related to succession. Deletion and transfer of real rights and commercial pledges is also possible.

Subject to an agreement with a notary, transactions using remote authentication can be carried out either at a place suited for the customer (e.g. at home) or at the embassy.

Outside embassies, remote authentication can be used to perform all notarial acts, except certification of contraction of marriage and divorce.

In order to conduct an act by using remote authentication and be given the relevant advice, one should first contact a notary’s office in Estonia. A list of notaries with their contact details can be found here.

One can also carry out the required act through the Chamber of Notaries e-Notary self-service portal.

For remote authentication service a valid ID card, a digital ID, a mobile ID or an e-Resident’s digital ID, with valid PIN-codes is required. The service comes with a state fee.

For detailed information please visit the website of the Chamber of Notaries.