#time4estonia TUUL

While in current climate it’s impossible to change the way the wind blows, we can still stay safe at home. So why not to use this time to get acquainted with Estonia, because just now it’s #time4estonia
TUUL (wind)

Did you know that the weather vane called Old Thomas measuring the wind direction on top of Tallinn Town Hall is one of the symbols and guardians of Estonia’s capital? According to the legend, the model for the weather vane was a peasant boy who excelled at the springtime contest involving firing crossbow bolts at a painted wooden parrot on top of a pole. Unable to receive a prize due to his low-born status at an elite event, Thomas was rewarded with the job of town guard for life.

Now, let the wind direct you to Duo Ruut whose fresh, inventive and contemporary approach to traditional Estonian zither playing has taken them to music festivals across the world. Here’s a tune from their debut album ‘Tuule sõnad’ (Words of the Wind).

#time4estonia is Mon – Fri 4pm Estonian Embassy in London Facebook series where you can discover Estonian artists, writers, musicians, architecture, cities, museums, galleries, nature etc. We will give you a hint of Estonian language (eesti keel [ˈeːsti ˈkeːl]), our humour and Estonian spirit.