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#time4estonia KUNST

“Creativity takes courage.”
Henri Matisse

#time4estonia with the unique city of
KUNST = art

For centuries, classical arts and mythology have been closely entwined. They both have string connections to Tartu. Did you know that Tartu’s nickname is derived from the Greek goddess for wisdom? So the city is also known as Emajõe Ateena (Mother River Athena).

Coincidentally, the most famous Estonian school of art has also been named after the goddess in Greek mythology: Pallas, the daughter of the sea god Triton and a childhood friend of Athena. According to one version of the myth, Pallas was accidentally killed by Athena during a friendly sparring match, but let’s not get into it now…

Pallas Society of Arts was founded in Tartu in 1918 and thanks to this, both Pallas Higher Art School and Tartu Art Museum were born.
Today, the Pallas University of Applied Sciences is the only institution of higher education in the field of applied arts in Estonia, offering a wide range of studies from painting and restoration to photography and advertisement design.

This spectrum and creativity can be seen all over the town, because apart from the school, the artists are “vandalising” the streets of Tartu.
Since 2010, a very popular international street art festival Stencibility has been taken place in the city. And Tartu City government is completely fine with it. Even so much so that it gave an award to the street artist, the Tartu-based Estonian “Banksy”, Edward von Lõngus for his technically-illegal-pieces.
Thus, street art has offered Tartu a possibility to grow its reputation from historic city of arts to an urban city of arts and to become Estonian capital of street art.

It’s time to take it to the streets with Stencibility!
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Read more www.stencibility.eu

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