#time4estonia AEG

Call it either uncertain or unprecedented or challenging but in any way, whether we want it or not, we will remember the current one as a significant
AEG = time

This week, #time4estonia is in pursuit of time.

Did you know that the Estonian Literary Museum has invited people to keep a diary during the corona crisis? And then share their diary entries with the museum, so these could be saved in their rich archive collection of cultural history and folklore. This might seem unusual, but everyone has their own relationship with time.

One unmissable free-spirited Estonian artist who has often expressed his particular relation to time is Priit Pärn (b.1946), the grand-old-man of Estonian animation but also a botanist, a caricaturist, a book illustrator and a much loved teacher. He’s shown, no matter the time, you can be free to do whatever you like within your imagination.

His unique style and a great number of award-winning films have brought Estonian school of animation world-wide recognition. Absurd humour, playfulness, individuality and a multifaceted approach in telling stories are believed to characterize Estonian animation in general, but it certainly applies to work of Priit Pärn.

One could get a glimpse of it by looking at a cult book “Gothamites” by Eno Raud with Priit Pärn’s illustrations, recently published in English:

But today, let’s take time out with Priit Pärn with a wonderful short film from 1984. It is a story about a small cat who gets lost in time and goes on an extraordinary and surreal adventure.


Enjoy your “Time out” with Priit Pärn!
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