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President Karis to attend Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral

Today president Alar Karis and his wife will leave for London to attend the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on Monday at the invitation of the British royal family.

“Elizabeth II, who combined royal dignity with a sense of humour, was a role model for many with her smart, balanced and kind-hearted nature. She steadfastly led the British monarchy to the 21st century, keeping to traditions while also recognising the changing world. In doing so, Elizabeth II showed us all how to grow more open-minded and modern without failing to understand the value of constancy,” said President Karis.

“As the longest-reigning British monarch, her legacy has a special place in the history of Europe and the world,” said the Estonian head of state. “Her full dedication to her country and people was an inspiration to and a moral support for several generations.”

According to President Karis, the Estonian people will remember Queen Elizabeth II’s warm and friendly visit to Estonia in autumn 2006, which served as a symbol of the long-term and close relationship between the United Kingdom and Estonia.

This evening, the Estonian president and his wife will attend a reception in London hosted by King Charles III.

Source: Office of the President of the Republic of Estonia