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Estonian education is showcased for the first time at the International EdTech Show Bett UK 2022

The Ministry of Education and Research and Education Estonia, together with seven Estonian EdTech companies and Tallinn University, are presenting Estonian education technology and innovation for the first time at Bett UK 2022, the largest international education technology show started today in London.

The Ministry of Education and Research will be represented by Birgit Lao, Ambassador-at-Large for Education, at the Bett 2022 International Education Technology Show on 23-25 March. “This spring, when Estonia will showcase its education solutions for the first time at Bett, the speed of response to the crisis has become of utmost importance. While at the beginning of the Covid-crisis we had distance learning up and running in a week, in the Ukraine war crisis we had solutions ready before the refugees arrived. All this points not only to the existence of quality education solutions, but also to a functioning and sustainable education technology system – others can learn from the co-creation of Estonia’s public and private sectors,” said Lao.

The EdTech show Bett will showcase Estonian education technology companies, educational institutions and solutions for 3 days under the umbrella of the Estonian education export brand Education Estonia. At the Education Estonia booth, Tallinn University and 7 Estonian education technology companies ELIIS, ALPA Kids, Futuclass, Bizplay, Clanbeat, Edumus and DreamApply offering education solutions from primary to higher education will present their solutions and services to the world.

At Bett over 400 EdTech companies from 50 countries around the world will showcase their achievements in education technology. More than 20,000 visitors are expected to attend the fair, including national representatives, education technologists, entrepreneurs, education experts and educators. Conferences will also take place, with more than 300 speakers discussing the future of education and proposing solutions to improve the quality of education. Representatives from Microsoft, Apple and Lenovo, as well as representatives and experts from different countries and educational institutions, will take part in the discussions.

In parallel to Bett, the conference programme Learnit will take place, where education experts will discuss the education of the future. On 23 March, Birgit Lao, Special Envoy for Education speaked in a panel discussion on educational solutions and distance learning, and on 24 March, she will discuss the future of education for children and young people fleeing war in Ukraine. Indrek Reimand, Head of the Technology Management Department of the Ministry of Education and Research, and Aivar Hiio, Project Manager for Learning Pathways, will also present the country’s educational innovation and introduce the Personalised Learning Pathways project.

Speakers at the Learnit conference will include Hussain bin Ibrahim Al Hammadi, Minister of Education of the United Arab Emirates, Rangina Hamidi, former Acting Minister of Education of Afghanistan, Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO of online course platform Coursera, and a number of representatives of educational institutions and technology companies and journalists from around the world.

Estonia will be represented by EdTech companies and an educational institution
ELIIS – a kindergarten platform for teachers, school leaders, parents and local authorities
ALPA Kids – educational digital learning games with a focus on different languages and cultures of the world
Futuclass – virtual reality games for science learning
Bizplay – educational games teaching the basics of entrepreneurship
Edumus – helping to contribute to young people’s education by connecting schools with professionals who are keen to teach
Clanbeat – helping to support learners’ well-being and development as self-directed learners
DreamApply – Europe’s leading student admissions management platform
Tallinn University’s aim is to find new collaboration with educational institutions and strategic R&D partnerships with EdTech companies. They will be introducing innovative blended training courses, which enable teachers to master 21st century skills and digital competences.

Through the initiative of EdTech Estonia, the representative organisation of education technology companies, and the community, more than half of Estonia’s education technology companies are ready to make their solutions available free of charge to students and teachers who remain in Ukraine, as well as to those who have been forced to leave their home country. ELIIS, a learning environment for kindergartens, and Edumus, a solution offering electives for schools, are already offering their solution in Ukraine and have translated their service into Ukrainian. An overview of Estonian education solutions in Ukraine can be found on the EdTech Estonia website.

For more information on Estonian exhibitions and the education programme, visit the Education Estonia website.

Participation in the Bett UK 2022 is free of charge and more information and the programme can be found on the official Bett website, where you will also find a list of participating education technology companies.

Participation in the Learnit conference is free of charge and registration information and the programme can be found on the conference website.

BettFest is an international education show that started more than 35 years ago and brings together tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, education experts and enthusiasts from around the world to share best practices and discuss technology. BettFest aims to promote the value of education and explore how technology and innovation can contribute to the development of teachers and learners.

In 2021, at the BettShow Awards ceremony in London, the Education and Youth Board of Estonia was awarded ‘International EdTech Programme of the Year’ for its support to education technology businesses.

Source: Estonian Ministry of Education and Research