What you need to know with regard to the EU-UK relations after Brexit: working, studying in UK, travelling, ordering goods etc.

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ÜLESTÕUSMISPÜHAD (also known as Lihavõttepühad or Lihavõtted or Munadepühad or Paasapühad or in short in English – Easter)

Did you know that in Estonia it’s common to dye eggs at Easter with onion skins? It’s a natural and easy option that works best on white-shelled eggs.

A chocolate egg hunt is rather recent custom among Estonian children. Estonians are more used to decorating hard-boiled eggs, giving these to each other as gifts and then having a fight. Egg fight, obviously. Or should we call it an egg knock-out?

Easter traditions and games vary across Estonia. Today Ash Bhardwaj gives you a taste what the Estonian way of Easter looks like in Setomaa.

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