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#time4estonia SEEN

It’s never too early to start thinking about the mushroom season, right?
SEEN ([seːn] mushroom)

Did you know that the largest fungal colony in the world was found in Estonia?
Did you really?
April fool! 😀 (a note to British friends: Estonians are allowed to joke even after noon)

Estonians aren’t known for their humour, but when you are fungi foraging in Estonia, you might pick some up… like Ken Bradley from Wiltshire did:
„Sir, The letters on fungi foraging (Sep 20 & 23) brought to mind a recent visit to Estonia. After we had picked our way through a mushroom-strewn forest, one member of our group asked the guide whether the fungi we had seen were edible. In a slow, heavy Estonian accent she replied: “In Estonia you can eat all mushrooms, but some you may eat only once.”“ (25 Sep 2019, The Times letters)

Watch Film ‘Mushrooming’

Photo by Allfilm

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