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#time4estonia PÕDER

There is no place in Europe where you can meet all these mammals: wild bears, wolves, lynx and flying squirrels. There are currently 65 different species of mammals living in Estonian forests, among them…
PÕDER = elk


Did you know that an elk is the largest animal in Estonian forests? It can grow up to 3m long and 2m tall? Currently there are about 12 000 elk in the country. If you drive around forested areas in Estonia, you’d spot many elk-pictured traffic signs.

While it might be easy to spot one on a traffic sign, it might not be that simple in real life. The best time for Elk-watching is September and October during the mating season.

As it’s still April, let’s do some film-watching instead, with a versatile Estonian artist Marko Mäetamm whose darkly humorous work is often inspired by the scenes of domestic life and our human nature. His work has been shown at many exhibitions abroad. Marko has represented Estonia twice at the Venice Biennale. Last year, his sculpture “All the books I should have read but I’ve been doing other things instead” was opened at Aston University Campus in Birmingham.
Now, let’s take a ride…

Watch the video ‘Car Ride’

More about Marko Mäetamm: https://www.maetamm.net/

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