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It’s time for another special week with a special place – Tartu


Did you know that Tartu was chosen to be the European Capital of Culture in 2024? In today’s video, Kalle Paas, the Communication and PR Manager from Tartu 2024 team explains what is important for
KULTUURIPEALINN = culture capital

The chosen theme to represent Tartu at the run up to the title was the Arts of Survival. In current times, this topic might sound like a premonition, but survival goes far beyond what one considers during the covid-19 outbreak. For Tartu, it helps to combat a wide selection of issues: from school bullying to the survival of small villages in Southern Estonia; from preservation of ancient folk cultures and languages to innovative high tech solutions. #Tartu2024 is a project of big heart.

This video is shot at the Estonian National Museum that was designed by the Paris-based DGT architects and built on the grounds of what was once the Soviet military’s largest airport in Eastern Europe, the Raadi Airfield.

The new museum was opened in 2016. With its impressive length of 355 meters and 71 meter width, this building is nothing less than a sculpture that symbolises the history of the nation and its independence in highly visual terms. It should certainly be added to your ’places-I-must-visit’ list when coming to Tartu to enjoy the festivities and events offered by Tartu 2024.

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Read more: www.tartu2024.ee
Visit Estonian National Museum: www.erm.ee

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