#time4estonia KARU

It’s #time4estonia with the biggest predator in Estonian woods.
KARU = bear

Did you know that there are approximately 700 to 800 brown bears in Estonian forests? And their number is growing significantly.
Obviously, if you have such a large number of bears about, sooner or later one way or other, someone is going to find out and uses it to their advantage. For example, in a film.
„The Bear Hunt in Pärnu County“ is considered to be the first Estonian narrative film, directed by the well-known photographer and etnograph Johannes Pääsuke in February 1914.

And today we are using to our own advantage the expertise and talent of the „king of Estonian blues“ Andres Roots who has created a wonderful soundtrack for this silent film.

Andres Roots has performed on blues-stages and -festivals across the globe, collaborated with the renowned British artists Steve Lury and Dave Arcari, has been on the cover of the ’Blues in Britain’ magazine and also, has received the award of the ’Bluesman of the Year’ from the UK radio station Severn FM, the Blues Hour.
His best-selling album „Roots Music“ LP (2016) topped the official Estonian album chart.

Watch the film “The Bear Hunt in Pärnu County” with soundtrack by Andres Roots.

More about Andres Roots www.andresroots.com

Many thanks, RahvusarhiivAndres Roots, Asko-Romé Altsoo

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