#time4estonia IDUFIRMA

Small is beautiful

In Estonia most technology companies start small, and dream big. We call them
IDUFIRMA (idu+firma) = start-up

IDU means a plant shoot, referring that it’s expected to grow. Typically, all the start-ups intend to grow large and have a global reach. Those companies are often associated with high innovation and disrupting established technologies or markets.
They do not need lots of sunlight and watering for growth, but supportive investors and exceptional workers.

Did you know that Estonia ranks high regarding start-up friendliness and start-ups per capita in Europe? So it’s not very surprising that Estonia has an economically active population oriented to entrepreneurship and disruption.
Overall, there are more than 1,000 start-ups in Estonia (or 77 start-ups per 100,000 people) that contribute 2,5% of Estonia’s GDP.

Start-up companies are not only great disruptors, but also superb enablers. For example, Estonian start-up Starship Technologies has created autonomous delivery robots that can deliver your shopping or dinner fully contactless and when you need it. They have become rather popular in Milton Keynes and have a big fan club among local residents.

Watch the video.

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