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#time4estonia HOMME

‘We are running out of space and the only places to go to are other worlds.’
Stephen Hawking, 2017

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HOMME = tomorrow

Did you know that Estonia launched its first satellite ESTCube-1 into orbit in May 2013? The satellite has been orbiting Earth for almost 2580 days.

Estonia is a member of ESA – European Space Agency since 2015. The country’s innovative spirit and capability in Earth Observation Applications, experience and know-how in fields such as cybersecurity, AI, data protection, robotics etc are highly valued in ESA. To name a few, Estonian companies like Spaceit, Golbriak Space OÜ, Datel, ESA BIC Estonia, all contribute to our future beyond Earth.

While most space-related products developed in Estonia are usually concentrating on the ‘wellbeing’ of robots, the MyotonPRO has invented a tool focusing on a human body. This digital palpation device that is currently being tested on astronauts at the ISS, helps to understand how muscles adapt in a state of perpetual weightlessness.

Wellbeing of a human body in space has also motivated a London-based young Estonian fashion designer Anna Talvi to design microgravity-wear for our interplanetary living.

Anna has MA from the London Royal College of Art’s Menswear Fashion and her microgravity spacesuits and gloves were featured at the popular ‘Moving to Mars’ exhibition at the London Design Museum. Anna’s research focuses on major changes that happen to the human physiology but also psychology when in prolonged state of weightless environment.

So before you decide moving to Mars, watch Anna Talvi speaking what’s important.
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Moving to Mars full exhibition video: https://vimeo.com/366270334/b19cf99bb2

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