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#time4estonia EILE

Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away….

#time4estonia remembers
EILE = yesterday

Did you know that yesterday in our #time4estonia series we talked about Bernt Notke’s Dance of Death and the story of time? And do you remember the day before we mentioned that the Estonian Literary Museum is collecting lockdown diaries? But when digging deeper, can you tell what is your earliest memory?

Keeping diaries is one way to remember. Good and bad times. How much will we remember of what happens today or tomorrow? There are still so many mysteries related to memory, which keep neuroscientists and brain specialists busy researching.

Today, we would like to introduce you to the internationally renowned Estonian filmmaker, producer and film scholar Ülo Pikkov, who in his past films has been questioning time and memory, often in relation to the Estonian history.

His most recent short film, the animated documentary ‘The Tortoise and the Hare’ (2020) is a very personal story. In a touching video diary he documents the car journeys with his mother in a fight against terminal illness, symbolized as a tortoise. This is a “race where you always lose”.
But even in the time of sadness, heartache and mourning, this is a memory to treasure.

Watch the film

More about Ülo Pikkov http://www.silmviburlane.ee/about/ulo-pikkov/3/ulo-pikkov
Lockdown diary entries in Estonian, English or Russian can be sent at elulood@kirmus.ee

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