Photo Gallery: Estonia 101 Reception in London on 21 June

Estonian Embassy in London together with Enterprise Estonia and two Estonian companies organised this event to celebrate Estonian 101st anniversary and to bring together UK’s business people, diplomats, journalists and members of the Estonian community to strengthen our connections in diplomacy and business with Estonia.

Enterprise Estonia is an agency that promotes Estonian Trade, Investment and Tourism and UK is important partner in all of them.

Britain is amongst TOP 10 trading partners for Estonia and remains an important market for Estonian producers.

For our foreign investments agency it’s important to promote Estonian business environment as we consistently as a world leader in human capital, digital capability, and ease of doing business. From multinational companies to high growth startups, Estonia has a two-decade track record of successful investments and innovations.

We have seen increasing number of Brits travelling to Estonia and in addition to Tallinn medieval town and city experience, more and more people visit Estonia to experience our untouched nature, bogs and wild forests.

UK is also one of the most important target markets for Estonian e-Residency programme. UK belongs to TOP5 countries where Estonian e-residents come from. We have currently nearly 2700 e-residents from the UK who have created 350 companies in Estonia.

All photos – ©ThePhotoTeam