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Headquarters for humanitarian aid to Ukraine started operating at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Headquarters for humanitarian aid to Ukraine started operating at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, gathering information about the offers for assistance from the Estonian public and private sectors, and matching them with the requests for help from Ukraine.

„Russia’s war in Ukraine has caused enormous human suffering, innocent people get killed or injured in the attacks, people are forced to leave their homes and endure shortages of water, food, medicines, and other necessities.  Therefore, it is of utmost importance for the necessary aid to reach Ukraine and I am really happy that now we can do so more efficiently through the Headquarters for humanitarian aid to Ukraine established in the ministry,“ Minister of Foreign Affairs Eva-Maria Liimets said.

In order to provide an overview about the requests for help from Ukraine and offers for assistance, the ministry has created an online form Humanitarian aid to Ukraine (currently in Estonian only), where the public and private entities can post their offers. Humanitarian aid is currently required mainly in the fields of health care, shelter, and food aid. The offers should primarily come in the form of large batches, worth 10,000 euros or more, the products should be new, and foods should have a long shelf life, requiring no special storage conditions. Offers of lower value can be posted on the Help Ukraine! | Kriis website; which also includes information about how private persons can help.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs matches the suitable offers with Ukraine’s requests for help and if necessary, provides support for arranging logistics and transport to Ukraine. In the near term we will start providing regularly updated information both about the needs of Ukraine and humanitarian aid provided by Estonian public and private entities.

Additional information is available in Estonian, English translation will be added shortly: https://vm.ee/et/humanitaarabi-ukrainale

Source: Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs