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Tuulikki Bartosik live @ Balti Manufaktuur

21.06.2021 18:00

Listen to the premiere of Bartosik’s new EP “Fýri”, recorded at Baltic Manufactory.

Monday, 21 June 2021 at 18.00pm.

Fýri is Tuulikki Bartosik’s follow-up to her critically acclaimed 2019 solo album Tempest In A Teapot, the successor to 2016’s internationally praised debut Storied Sounds. She is firmly established on the world stage, and Fýri has been eagerly awaited.

The Estonian musical experimenter’s new release is a four-track EP which builds from the experience of creating Tempest In A Teapot and from a newly learnt understanding of how her music is crafted. Encountering fellow Estonian sonic auteur Arvo Pärt helped clarify her vision. The arresting, shape-shifting result is an unfiltered expression of who she is.

Where Tempest In A Teapot (Torm veeklaasis in Estonian) was completed in a traditional recording studio, Fýri was recorded in the forest of the Lahemaa National Park in north Estonia, 70 kilometres east of capital city Tallinn. Surrounded by trees, beneath the canopy of their branches and foliage, she was enclosed. A totally organic environment, yet not so far from being indoors.

The live performance at Baltic Manufactory is recorded by Backstage Records.

“Once the biggest building in Tallinn, the old cotton factory Baltic Manufacture, is both a fascinating and charming place with breathtaking acoustics and mystical corners. It is a place where the past and the present meet and you can feel the history around you. Fýri was born from my experiences and encounters of day-to-day life, it exposes the raw essence of my creative soul. Each composition will change when I play live, but this will never happen again. One message from the EP is that I am in the moment and I really wanted to feel that moment performing in the gigantic historical factory building. It felt simply magical.”

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/4322571007805891/


21.06.2021 18:00