Edinburgh Fringe – “Straight Outta Estonia”

Saturday 03.08.2019 to Saturday 24.08.2019

For the very first time, Comedy Estonia has their own show at the biggest comedy festival in the world, The Edinburgh Fringe!

Presented all in English, “Straight Outta Estonia” is a Stand Up comedy showcase from the small country of Estonia, a place so far to the east of Europe they can see Russia from their house. After 9 years of touring their small homeland, with a population the size of Greater Glasgow, they are very happy to see you.

“Either a pack of brilliant comics or just the disturbed offspring of multiple holocaust survivors, cold Eastern European white c***s, you probably shouldn’t let in your house”
– Brendon Burns

“A great bunch of comedians really pushing their scene forward”
– Jamali Maddix

The show happens EVERY DAY from Aug 3rd to Aug 24th at 19:05 at Ciao Roma on South Bridge.

The show is a collection of the best Comedy Estonia comedians with a revolving lineup throughout the month, each show has about 4 or 5 comedians.

Performing every day:
Karl-Alari Varma
Ari Matti Mustonen
Appearing at other times over the month
Sander Õigus
Mikael Meema
Roger Andre
Ardo Asperk
Rauno Kuusik
Daniel Veinbergs
Louis Zezeran

Entry is FREE and we ask for a donation at the end to help us with our expenses (our typical Open Mic style, you know the deal)
Graphic Design by Kaisa Holsting / Sylph Designs
Photography by Merilin Paart
Sweet ass suits by Baltman / Sandra Luks

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Saturday 03.08.2019 to Saturday 24.08.2019