Baltic Landscape and Memory

Thursday 23.01.2020 to Tuesday 28.01.2020
Art Number 23, London


23 – 28 January 2020

Art Number 23
100 Clements Road
Block F
The Old Biscuit Factory
London SE16 4DG

Open daily 11AM-6PM
Private view 23 JANUARY 6-9PM
Artist talk 25 JANUARY 4-6PM
Literature event 27 JANUARY 7.30-9.30PM


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BALTICA! Is an artist group making art for and about the Baltic region, the countries edging the Baltic Sea.

Artists mostly have a deep connection with the area, through birth, residency, family or a long-standing interest. Some countries and family connections were cut off from each other for generations. For many artists, traumatic family memories heighten their response to cultural and geophysical artefacts.

The group was set up by Jude Cowan Montague and Riitta Hakkarainen in London in December 2019. Their first exhibition ‘Memory & Landscape’ explores ideas of landscape, seascape alongside personal and group filters. Mixed media – works on metal, installations, video, sculpture, paintings.

‘Listening to the last seconds of the lost loop of the seatape’

The seatape was wrapped in weed,
its message faint.
She broke the string
and sent the pearls scattering.
Not ready, not ready. One day, she said,
the dead will walk again.
Then I will find you.

Cassandra Mahoney
Riitta Hakkarainen
Silja Manninen
Natalia Jezova
Veronica Shimanovskaya with Natalia Spigina
Triinu Soikmets
Meriliis Rinne
Jude Cowan Montague
Ann Grim
Mandy Prowse
Gzillion Artist
and special guest Jüri Arrak

Ahto Külvet of Psühhoteek (Tartu, Estonia) is creating an original mixtape for the bar of Estonian fairytale and folk music, Soviet-era sounds and Baltic voices.

Thursday 23.01.2020 to Tuesday 28.01.2020
Art Number 23, London