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Baltic foreign ministers agree on a special flight from the United Kingdom

At today’s video meeting, the foreign ministers of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania informed each other that the Baltic States would uphold flight restrictions with the United Kingdom until the end of the year. Further steps will be coordinated among the ministers. They also agreed on organising a special flight for those citizens of Baltic States who urgently need to return to their homeland.

The Government of Estonia today plans to approve additional self-isolation rules for passengers arriving from the United Kingdom. The required period of isolation will be 14 days instead of 10 days. Passengers arriving from the United Kingdom will also be obligated to remain in isolation for 7 days after their first negative COVID-19 test, and then take another test. If the second test is also negative, they can return to work for essential duties.

The restriction on flights between Estonia and the United Kingdom remains in force until 31 December 2020.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is asking all Estonians who are currently in the United Kingdom and wish to return to Estonia to contact airlines and travel agents to find an option for returning. When travelling back to Estonia, make sure to be informed about the rules and restrictions in force in the countries you are transiting.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working with Latvia and Lithuania to organise a special flight from London to Riga for those who urgently need to return at a time when there are no regular flights. The special flight is not intended for short-stay travellers coming to Estonia; instead, it is for people who permanently reside in Estonia. The flight jointly organised by the Baltic States departs from London on 28 December at 17.30. You need to purchase a ticket for the flight and, as the flight lands in Riga, another ticket to continue on to Tallinn. The number of seats is limited. Priority will be given to critical passengers who have registered on the Reisi targalt website, i.e. unaccompanied minors, families with small children and people aged 65 or older.

This is why the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has begun mapping Estonians in the United Kingdom in need of assistance. We would like to ask all Estonian citizens staying (temporarily) in the United Kingdom who urgently need to return to Estonia before 1 January to register on the Reisi Targalt website during 23 December 2020: https://reisitargalt.vm.ee/

However, we would like to highlight that we cannot guarantee a flight back from the United Kingdom to Estonia before 1 January. We would like to ask everyone wishing to return to Estonia to continue parallel efforts to find travel options independently.

Estonians residing in the United Kingdom and wishing to return to Estonia should be advised that there is no guarantee that travel restrictions will be cancelled, that regular air traffic will resume and that it will be possible to return in the immediate future.

Source: Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs