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Estonian Day in London

Saturday, 24.02.2018


Westminster Cathedral Hall 

Ambrosden Ave, Westminster, SW1P 1QW

2pm Doors open at Westminster Cathedral Hall 

Welcome to Estonia!

- Exhibition of Estonian National Dress hand made by estonians who first immigrated to UK 

- Exhibition of paintings by Piret Randam

- Cafe with delicious estonian food and hot and cold drinks

-  SEMU juice presenting superfood from Estonia - Sea Buckthorn juice, jam and all the magic that comes with it!

- Estonian food shop by Estolink

- Gift Shop with witty and beautiful gifts from Estonia

- Speed course in Estonian Language

-  Arts and Crafts workshop - needle felting


4pm   Film screening " Miks ma siis ei lähe?" / " Why don't I leave_"  28min.

 Westminster Cathedral Hall

The 28 min documentary was made as part of the " Estonian Stories" ( Eesti Lood) series for Estonian National Television and premiered in Tallinn in January. 

The film looks at three estonian mothers who have lived in London a lot longer than they first planned to and are now trying to figure out a better future for themselves and their kids. For some reason, the thought of going back to Estonia is scary . Why is that? The film is in estonian with english subtitles.

6pm Concert Estonia 100

This year, to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Estonian Republic , the concert brings together artists who have been keeping estonian music and music performed by estonians, alive In London for years and they will take the audience for a journey through 100 years in Estonia. Performing: Mirjam Mesak ( soprano), Kristiina Rokasevich ( piano), London Female Chamber Choir, Folk Dancers of Estonian Society in London and special guests from Estonia Kelli Uustani ( vocals), Kusti Lemba ( guitar) and Keio Vutt ( saxophone).

Concert is followed by a Reception, exibitions, cafe and shops stay open. 

The evening is hosted in estonian and english. Everyone welcome!